Employer Relations

Navigate employment issues as they arise

When employee issues arise it is critical to have the experience to know how to intervene quickly and effectively provide problem resolution support.  Most managers would welcome some coaching on how to effectively deal with sensitive employee issues and how to develop an appropriate course of action.  Every situation is different, and while in some cases a Performance Improvement plan may be the answer it may be necessary to have a firm, fair compassionate termination process.  

It’s important your company learn from these situations.  We help you develop a system that keeps an accurate history of incidents that are used to create HR initiatives to train, coach and communicate with employees to retain your best employees.

Your dedicated HR Manager

If you lack the time to tend to employee-manager conflicts and create company policies, you may need to outsource your employee relations tasks to Rockwater Associates.

We can mediate conflicts and modify long-standing company policies to reflect employee concerns. As part of employee relations, we can even help you create your employee handbook.

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Cultivate a Positive Organizational Culture

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Without a strong cultural foundation, businesses can falter. Building a culture that’s grounded in living your company values and focused on providing a positive employee experience – all while driving performance – sets the stage for good employee relations.  The addition of policies and practices as well as employee development and training will lead to higher employee productivity, satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

Sometimes this can be easier said than done… and that’s where we come in.

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