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Cyber threats are constant - how are you protecting your business?

Hackers work 24/7 — can you keep a constant watch on your systems? If you think hackers are not after your data, think again. Small businesses often represent the easiest targets because most can be easily breached. If your data is compromised, will your customers trust you again?

The nature of cyber threats is constantly changing; hackers adjust their techniques and malicious software is continually updated. A multi-layer cyber security system starts with a strong defense of the network perimeter, managed firewall, and ongoing network management and inspections. Rockwater Associates includes proactive monitoring for viruses, spam and malware.  We are your expert Managed Security Service Provider.

Assess, Remediate, Manage.

Determine your vulnerability to cyber threats, identify ways to reduce or eliminate exposure, and prioritize the management of issues based on the impact they could have on your business as well as their probability of happening.

We will remove any high risks by securing a multi-layered defense system. Next, we will work through any small or specialized cyber vulnerabilities and follow-up with periodic inspections to ensure optimal security.

By analyzing your status, we can ensure the ongoing security of your data and stability of your business. 

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Your Security, Our Passion

In today’s world, everything is online. This is great for so many reasons. You cannot have viruses, hackers, malicious attacks or even just human error impact the success of your business, though. Cybersecurity is on the forefront of the IT Services we provide. 

Every single day there are attackers out the waiting to find a gap and use it to steal data, or even just wreak havoc just because. We will always be reviewing what you have in place when it comes to cybersecurity, and will always be making recommendations to improve it. 

Let us navigate these waters for you, then we can work together on keeping you secure.

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