Tax Debt Relief, Tax Compliance Monitoring, and More

Tax controversy professionals specialize in addressing issues and areas of concern with the IRS or State Taxing Authorities.

Taxpayer Representation and Tax Dispute Resolution

Rockwater’s team of Enrolled Agents will act as the first point of contact on your behalf in all tax matters with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and State taxation authorities.  You will be a trusted partner who will collaborate with the Enrolled Agent assigned to your case.  We believe that frequent and transparent communication during all phases of your representation will be the key to produce the best experience and results for you.

It is possible to negotiate with the IRS by yourself, however, why spend the time doing it yourself when you can have a dedicated, experienced trusted adviser handle it for you? Especially if you owe more than $10,000 or you’re facing a tax audit.

Proactive tax debt management services, helping individuals and businesses stay on top of their tax obligations and avoid tax debt altogether.

Resolve Your Tax Debt With The IRS And Get Peace of Mind

At Rockwater Associates, we understand that IRS problems have the potential of ruining every aspect of your life.  However, what we don’t do is offer clients a “one-size-fits-all” solution to their tax problems.  And, we don’t overpromise.  Our experience has shown us that each client’s situation is unique. As such, we work extensively with each and every client to fully understand their situation and find the best solution to their individual tax problems. With this client-focused approach, we generate faster, better solutions and more satisfied clients.

While each individual or small business has a slightly different set of tax problems and a varying ability to pay, the options from which our clients can choose to resolve their back tax debt typically are:

  • Devising an affordable payment plan.
  • Setting up a partial-pay installment agreement.
  • Submitting an offer in compromise
  • Filing a tax appeal
  • Implementing a corporate restructuring

Tax Relief For Businesses

Small businesses with tax debts face the daunting powers of the IRS and the various methods that the agency can use to collect overdue taxes.

Tax Debt Relief For Individuals

Failure to file or pay your taxes on time may lead to accruing interest and tax liens, so it’s important to gain IRS debt relief as soon as possible.

State Tax Problems

If you are struggling with an IRS tax problem, chances are you may owe your state, as well. Solutions with State Agencies can vary.

How We Can Help

Rockwater Associates offers these types of resolutions:

An Installment Agreement (IA) allows a taxpayer to pay off their balance over a period of time, typically ranging from 6 months up to 10 years. Depending on the amount owed to the IRS, the period can vary.  There are many types of Installment Agreements available to you and Rockwater works to determine the best option for you.  We work with you to determine the amount of each monthly payment based specifically on your personal assets, property and other financial information before negotiating with the IRS to achieve the best reoccurring payment plan possible for you

Rockwater Associates can make a formal request detailing reasonable cause can be made to the taxing authorities to reduce or eliminate your tax penalties on your liability.   A First Time Penalty Abatement allows a first-time non compliant taxpayer to request abatement of certain penalties for a single tax period.  The IRS will also consider forgiving late payment, late filing, and accuracy-related penalties based on reasonable cause. 

Taxpayers that are not currently in financial hardship, but may be very close to that threshold, may be able to qualify for an Offer In Compromise. This mostly applies to those who would be put into financial hardship if they added tax debt payments to their current list of expenses. In this situation, the IRS determines the maximum amount they would be able to get from a taxpayer without causing financial hardship. Then the remainder of the debt is forgiven and the individual is released from their liability as soon as the taxpayer meets the conditions of their agreement with the IRS. Offers in Compromise are difficult to achieve, but offer a substantial benefit to struggling taxpayers if they qualify.

If your wages have been garnished to satisfy outstanding back taxes owed to the federal or state governments and it has caused you financial hardship, Rockwater Associates can step in to help with the release process and halt continuing garnishments.

Tax liens can be very pesky – if you owe taxes to the IRS or State governments, you probably already know this.  At Rockwater Associates, our experienced staff can help navigate the process to have your tax liens withdrawn.

A bank levy allows the IRS to levy – or withdraw – money from your bank account after attempting to contact you to obtain funds and sending first and final notices of intent to levy.   Rockwater can immediately engage with you and quickly work to release the bank levy against your account.

When working with the IRS, it is almost certain that there will be disputes or discrepancies between them and taxpayers. In order to obtain a non-biased determination of a situation or decision made by the IRS, Rockwater Associates can assist you in exercising your appeals rights.

We can engage with The Office of Appeals, an independent organization of the IRS, that acts as a third party to help the IRS and us resolve disputes through an informal, administrative process.

If you are currently going through or about to be going through the 4180 Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP) interview, Rockwater Associates can step in and represent during all phases of the 4180 interview including prep, actual representation at the interview, and problem solving solutions after the interview.

CNC Status is a temporary protection against any and all enforcement action from the taxing authorities. To qualify for CNC Status, also referred to as hardship status or Status 53, a taxpayer must provide documentation showing the taxpayer cannot meet their basic obligations and cannot pay their taxes without seriously harming their standard of living. 

Under CNC Status, the liability owed is removed from active collections and the IRS will wait for the taxpayer’s financial condition to improve. CNC Status is not a full resolution option – it is temporary.

Taxpayers often find themselves in trouble with serious IRS or state tax problems because of the actions of their current or former spouse. The IRS realizes that these situations do in fact occur and therefore offer Innocent Spouse Relief.

We are experienced in dealing with Tax Liens, Bank Levies, Wage Garnishments, and much more.

If you choose to partner with Rockwater Associates, you will be working with some of the brightest and most experienced professionals in the industry.  Our communication, honesty, and transparency in our processes make us the right choice to provide a solution to your tax problem. Providing you with a great customer experience as well as the best possible financial outcome is priority number one. 

IRS Tax Compliance Monitoring

Tax Basic

Compliance Monitoring


Plus $99 one-time set up fee

Tax Essentials

Compliance Monitoring


Plus $149 one-time set up fee

Tax Standard

Compliance Monitoring


Plus $199 one-time set up fee

Tax Pro

Compliance Monitoring


Plus $249 one-time set up fee

Find Out - Before it Happens

Just like a credit report, we proactively monitor your IRS transcript for changes to your IRS record and alert you when action is required with our compliance monitoring service. Know what the IRS is thinking BEFORE you get that dreaded notice in the mail. 

Don’t get surprised…fix tax issues before they become major problems. Yes, we can give you a heads up as to when you may get audited by the IRS, and help you take action proactively.  We use customized transcript services that notify us when one of our clients has been flagged by the IRS for liens, levies or audits.

1 %

increase in gross IRS collection activity for both businesses and individuals over the last five years.

1 %

of Offer In Compromise requests were denied over the last two years.

1 %

is how much the average taxpayer has seen their dollar amount reduced after appealing an audit.

1 %

increase in the net amount accessed from delinquent tax returns between 2021 and 2022.

Would you like to learn more about how tax dispute resolutions services can you or your business on track?

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