Cloud Migration & Management

Today, cloud technology is essential to your business strategy.

Understanding what cloud migration is, how it can benefit your business, and what is involved in making it happen, will help you decide on the best strategy to achieve a smooth transition to the cloud.  The global pandemic has seen more and more companies accelerate their move to the cloud, reinventing their offerings, and becoming more cost-efficient, agile, and innovative in how they operate their businesses.

Companies wishing to move on from outdated and increasingly inefficient legacy infrastructures, such as aging servers or potentially unreliable firewall appliances, or to abandon hardware or software solutions that are no longer operating at optimum capacity, are now turning to the cloud to experience the benefits of cloud technology.

Main benefits of migrating to the cloud.

With an IT partner like Rockwater, we can help you realize the benefits of cloud computing.

Scalability: Cloud computing can scale up to support larger workloads and greater numbers of users far more easily than on-premises infrastructure.

Cost: Companies that move to the cloud often vastly reduce the amount they spend on IT operations, since the cloud providers handle maintenance and upgrades. 

Performance: For some businesses, moving to the cloud can enable them to improve performance and the overall user experience for their customers. 

Flexibility: Users, whether they’re employees or customers, can access the cloud services and data they need from anywhere. This makes it easier for a business to expand and let their employees work flexibly.

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Cloud Migration Services for Small Business

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Email Services:  Operating a business one sub-par email will never do. Microsoft 365 is the perfect business class solution that will enable your team to forget about email, calendaring, even the rest of your productivity tools. 

We have found that over time, businesses who use Google Workspace, formerly G-Suite, still end up having to get licenses for the most widely used productivity suite Microsoft Office. That is what all of your customers and partners are using. You should too.

Remote Work:  Leveraging the cloud to support your workforce will empower each member to be more productive. No matter where they are. in the office, at home, on the road? Yes.

High Availability:  You need access to your tools, your data, at all times. the infrastructure that cloud services maintain is far more complete that what you currently have running in the back room. Let’s get everything we can into the cloud so you can have it when and where you need it.

VOiP:  Most companies still think of their computer and productivity tools separately than they think of their phone. when you move to a VoIP service provider, they can very well become the same. You can still have a phone on your desk, but you can also take phone calls from your laptop. Let’s move your phones onto the reliability and availability of the cloud. It gets easier.

Infrastructure:  Sometimes, there is no cloud service that can handle your application. In those cases, let’s build the infrastructure that you need in the cloud. We can help you get fully connected as if you are right beside your trusty, albeit dusty, server. Between AWS and Azure, most of the internet is running this way. We can help you get it there safe and sound.

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