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Payroll Solutions that support your business

Payroll processing may well be the most commonly outsourced HR function. Calculating all the deductions to withhold from your employees’ paychecks yourself can quickly get confusing and complicated, and you certainly don’t want to make any mistakes in this area. 

In addition to benefit premiums, payroll deductions include wage garnishments and taxes, so errors can lead to trouble with courts and the IRS.  This is why many companies choose to pass off the task to payroll professionals rather than handle it themselves.  At Rockwater Associates, you get more than just payroll support, you gain access to a team of trusted experts helping you grow and evolve your business.

Employee Benefits Solutions to help you grow

An extensive employee benefits offering is an important recruiting tool and a great way to drive employee satisfaction.  Access to leading employee benefit plans is no longer reserved for large companies. 

At Rockwater Associates, we understand that employees rate a benefits package as very important to job satisfaction.  Access to premium benefits extends beyond medical, to dental, vision, life, disability, & retirement. Rockwater works with industry leaders in each benefit category so you can build a compelling benefit offering that shows your people how much you care.

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Free up time spent on payroll administration

Enhance your benefits offering

Get timely, error-free solutions from a seasoned payroll company.   And a whole lot more time back in your day.  Leave the administration to us. We will set up and run your payroll on behalf of your business.  

We will connect you with a healthcare broker and implement and maintain a plan that is right for you.  Go beyond health insurance.  Enhance your benefits offering with dental, vision, life, disability, and ancillary benefits like critical illness and accident coverage.

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