IRS Tax Compliance Monitoring

Find Out - Before it Happens

Just like a credit report, we proactively monitor your IRS transcript for changes to your IRS record and alert you when action is required with our compliance monitoring service. Know what the IRS is thinking BEFORE you get that dreaded notice in the mail. 

Don’t get surprised…fix tax issues before they become major problems. Yes, we can give you a heads up as to when you may get audited by the IRS, and help you take action proactively.  We use customized transcript services that notify us when one of our clients has been flagged by the IRS for liens, levies or audits.


Compliance Monitoring Services For All Taxpayers

No one wants a surprise from the IRS. Our compliance monitoring service will ensure there will be no surprises. While many clients opt for this service after we have solved their IRS problem, clients can sign up for this any time.

  • Clients with previous tax deliquency can utilize this program to stay in compliance with the IRS long after their tax debt issues have been resolved.
  • Clients who have not faced tax delinquency and are in good standing can stay there as our service can provide preventative measures to avoid future tax problems.

Conact us today or speak with your Rockwater Enrolled Agent to learn more about the benefits of our Tax Compliance Monitoring service.

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