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A professional, legally vetted, Employee Handbook provides clear and concise policies that ensures fair and consistent treatment of all employees while reducing your company’s liability.  Clear expectations between management and employees is critical to reducing churn, improving performance, motivation, and loyalty resulting in engaged employees.

Navigate fair labor law compliance

The responsibility for complying with the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) falls squarely on your company’s shoulders. If you violate a provision, your employees have the right to file a complaint and/or initiate legal action, and you could end up facing criminal charges or monetary penalties for an unintentional mistake.

The Rockwater team of employment law experts will ensure your employee classifications are correct and you meet federal wage and overtime standards. We’ll also help you maintain accurate records and put procedures in place to avoid mistakes.

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Maintain employment regulatory compliance

Each year, thousands of new and revised regulations are passed. Some affect your workplace, others don’t. Staying compliant with, and aware of ever-changing regulations can add a layer of complexity to your business operations that can leave you and your team feeling confused and overwhelmed.

The HR compliance experts at Rockwater Associates monitor employment regulations that may affect you. When there’s a change, we’re here to help you implement new requirements.

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