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Rockwater Associates’ team of HR professionals boasts years of experience and industry knowledge, making us a reliable partner to handle complex HR tasks and ensuring compliance with constantly changing regulations.

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Payroll Implementation
& Processing

Trust Rockwater Associates for a seamless and error-free payroll implementation process, ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on time, while avoiding any compliance issues or headaches.


We take the lead in your recruitment efforts, utilizing our extensive network and expertise to find the best candidates who align perfectly with your company's values and goals


With Rockwater Associates, rest assured that your employee handbook is meticulously crafted to comply with state and federal regulations, protecting your business and employees during times of company growth and expansion

Open Enrollment
& Benefits Administration

Streamline your open enrollment process and benefits administration, providing your employees with comprehensive and competitive benefits that foster loyalty and satisfaction.


We will guide you through tricky employer relations situations with experienced coaching and expert advice, ensuring fair and legal terminations and providing solutions to various HR challenges.


Rockwater Associates understands that every business is unique, tailoring our services to fit your specific needs and helping you achieve your HR goals seamlessly.

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