Effective and Proactive Tax Representation

Rockwater Associates is here to help resolve your tax matters promptly and efficiently

What to expect when working with Rockwater Associates:

  • When you call, talk with our qualified experts so we can gain a clear picture of your tax situation
  • You get immediate representation with our enrolled agents acting on your behalf
  • We rapidly file necessary appeals to protect you from aggressive enforcement
  • We’ll provide you with a custom roadmap to address your tax situation including a time & cost estimate

Call now to start the process with our team of experts! 

Our Expert Services

Take control of your tax situation today and experience the relief of finding a solution that works for you.

Installment Agreements

Our experts negotiate manageable payment plans with tax authorities, easing your financial burden and ensuring tax compliance without undue strain


Trust us to advocate for the reduction or elimination of penalties, helping you save money and rectify tax issues promptly

Offer In Compromise

We work to settle your tax debt for less than owed, providing a fresh start and relief from overwhelming tax liabilities

Wage Garnishment Release

Our team swiftly intervenes to release wage garnishments, protecting your income and enabling financial stability

Tax Lien

Count on us to navigate lien withdrawals, safeguarding your assets and paving the way for financial recovery

Bank & Accounts Receivable Release

We negotiate with tax authorities to secure bank and accounts receivable releases, ensuring business continuity and peace of mind

What Our Clients Say

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