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A Company's most valuable asset is its employees.

We want to share our human resources expertise in building world class culture that inspires the delivery of world class solutions to our customers. 

Our HR Solution Delivery Platform© allows us to provide full-scope HR Management to start-ups, small and medium sized businesses.  We are your on-call HR team

HR Managed Services

We can be your on-call full service HR department or just provide you point solutions to specific needs

Payroll & Benefits Solutions

We can implement and administer both Payroll and Benefit Solutions that are the right fit for your business

Performance Management

We can help you implement a Performance Management Plan that drives exceptional results

Proven methodology, profound impact, and sustainable results.

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What we do

The recent spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted many employers creating uncertainty on the future of their workforce.  We have deep US and Canada experience and are here to help you navigate the complexities of new federal, state, provincial laws that effect you and your employee base that have been issued to alleviate the impact of COVID-19.

We can do an assessment and implement immediate changes to the affected areas of your business such as sick leave, PTO, vacation, FMLA, Compensation, Workplace Safety and Employer Relations to ensure your operation can run as smoothly as possible.

Our ©HR Managed Services platform allows us to provide full-scope HR Management to startups, small and medium sized businesses.  We are your on-call HR department that can help you navigate all aspects of HR.  

Having the right payroll solution is key to ensure your business runs smooth and you remain compliant with your payroll taxes.  We recommend and implement the right payroll provider for your business.  We ensure Workers Compensation and Unemployment Insurance is set up correctly in the states you operate in.  We can train you or operate and run payroll on your behalf.

Finding the right benefits provider for your specific situation can be complex and extremely time consuming.  We utilize our network of brokers to navigate the complex world of healthcare plans and implement a plan that is right for you.  We can set up and train you or manage and handle the administration of your plan.

Our high touch recruitment process ensures the best person is hired for the right role, right compensation at the right time.  Our program includes the implementation of an optimized recruitment process, creative and diverse sourcing methods, behavior based interviewing, comprehensive reference checks, professional job offer packages, advisory support on managing the on-boarding process, periodic new hire surveys and a 90 day review and fine-tuning process.

We conduct an evaluation of your current total rewards system for all employees.  We assess market conditions, competitive factors, talent pool and recommend a market based Compensation Strategy.  We work with you to align your Compensation Strategy to the financial performance and profitability of your company tying it to an Annual Compensation review.  We can implement and train you and administer the plan on your behalf.  

When employee issues arise it is critical to have the experience to know how to intervene quickly and effectively provide problem resolution support.  Most managers would welcome some coaching on how to effectively deal with sensitive employee issues and how to develop an appropriate course of action.  

Every situation is different, and while in some cases a Performance Improvement plan may be the answer it may be necessary to have a firm, fair compassionate termination process.  It’s important your company learn from these situations.  We help you develop a system that keeps an accurate history of incidents that are used to create HR initiatives to train, coach and communicate with employees to retain your best employees.

A professional, legally vetted, Employee Handbook provides clear and concise policies that ensures fair and consistent treatment of all employees while reducing your company’s liability.  Clear expectations between management and employees is critical to reducing churn, improving performance, motivation, and loyalty resulting in engaged employees.

Creating a comprehensive emergency action plan is critical to ensuring employee safety in the event of an emergency as well as ensuring business continuity.  We conduct an assessment and then bring key stakeholders into the planning process to build and implement an Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity plan tailored to your business.

Our Performance Management framework is based on Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s) that ensure Corporate and Departmental Goal alignment across your entire organization.  We work with you to define key Corporate Objectives and KPI’s that measure the overall performance of the company.   Departmental Objectives are then developed that all align to the Corporate Objectives.  Individual objectives are then developed that align with Departmental Objectives and Corporate Objectives.  The process resolves any role clarity issues and ensures efficient use and engagement of all employees.

Goals are developed utilizing the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) process.  We then work with you to align your OKR Program to your Compensation Strategy which is aligned to your company’s financial performance.  

The result is a high performing team in a high performing company that delivers results to your company’s bottom line.  Compensation is completely aligned to the performance of every employee in your company and leads to extremely high employee engagement.

1 %

of new hires do not get any training on company culture.

1 %

of employees say additional paid time off would make them more loyal to an organization.

1 %

HR leaders agree that ongoing peer feedback has a positive impact on their organizations.

1 %

of employers believe attracting and retaining talent is a growing hiring challenge.

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