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By outsourcing your HR to Rockwater, your business and your employees get comprehensive HR solutions, tailored support, easy-to-use, integrated technology, and world class client service.

HR services that empower business leaders and their valued team members

As necessary as proper employee management is, not every company has the capacity (or desire) to handle it all in-house.  The team at Rockwater Associates will oversee some or all of your business’s HR functions.  We can handle your company’s payroll processing, employee benefits administration, talent acquisition, or all of the above and more.

Our HR Solution Delivery Platform© allows us to provide full-scope HR Management to start-ups, small and medium sized businesses.  We are your on-call HR team

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing HR Operations

  • It saves money.  Yes, you’ll pay to outsource your HR tasks, but your yearly HR outsourcing bill will come nowhere close to the average in-house HR employee salary. If the yearly cost of outsourcing your HR is so much less than hiring one HR employee, imagine how expensive it would be to hire a full team – and that’s before adding in their employee payroll taxes and benefit administration costs.
  • It can lower your benefit premiums.  Rockwater has strong relationships with benefits providers. As such, when attempting to secure a benefits package for a large group of people (such as your entire workforce), we may have more power to negotiate lower plan rates than your company might.
  • It saves time.  If you can’t afford an in-house HR staff, someone at your company will have to handle all your HR tasks unless you outsource them.  If you partner with us, the employees who previously handled those responsibilities will have more time for their main tasks.  As a result, your company’s productivity and efficiency will likely see a boost.

Payroll & Benefits

We can implement and administer both Payroll and Benefit Solutions that are the right fit for your business.

Recruiting Services

We are committed to helping organizations acquire talent in an evolving recruitment landscape.

Employer Relations

By maintaining positive employee relations, we help you keep your team loyal and more engaged in their work.

Performance Management

We can help you implement a Performance Management Plan that drives exceptional results.

HR Policies & Compliance

Companies of all sizes face increasing HR complexities as the number of employment laws and regulations are on the rise.

Proven methodology, profound impact, and sustainable results.

Control costs and increase efficiencies by consolidating your HR services

An alternative to managing an internal HR department is to outsource individual services, such as payroll, benefits and recruiting, to multiple vendors. Each may provide value in their area of expertise but coordinating with multiple companies can quickly become confusing and time-consuming—working against your company’s goal of simplifying HR processes.

When you consolidate your HR services with Rockwater Associates, you can:

  • Streamline efforts and communication with one company
  • Tap into HR knowledge and experience for less than the cost of one full-time specialist’s annual salary
  • Gain access to a full range of HR specialists ready to help when questions or issues arise
  • Attain the flexibility to scale services as your needs grow or change

What are the benefits of partnering with Rockwater?

Our Managed HR Services allow you to gain expertise and support that adapts with your growing business.

Your HR needs are unique, and the support you require now may change and evolve as your business grows. Rockwater provides flexible, customized HR solutions, backed by a team dedicated to helping you succeed, today and in the future.  Whether you’re looking for help with payroll services, or in need of more comprehensive HR solutions – like health insurance, human resources management, retirement plans, recruiting and more – we will customize a plan that works for your current needs and budget. 
1 %

of new hires do not get any training on company culture.

1 %

of employees say additional paid time off would make them more loyal to an organization.

1 %

HR leaders agree that ongoing peer feedback has a positive impact on their organizations.

1 %

of employers believe attracting and retaining talent is a growing hiring challenge.

Would you like to learn more about how our HR services can enable your business?

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